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Prix Fixe Meals Delivered for FACETS Hypothermia Prevention Programs 

Nutritious, affordable meals for institutions & organizations participating in local hypothermia prevention programs


Meals are house made, nutritionally balanced, and prepared daily with the freshest ingredients. Meals come individually-packaged according to enhanced health and safety protocols and CDC guidelines. Disposable flatware, napkins, and condiments packed with each meal. 

Breakfast : $6.00 per person

Lunch : $7.00 per person

Dinner : $8.00 per person

MINIMUM OF 35 orders per meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) each day.


We have two options for receiving meals this year. Meals can be scheduled for pick-up from our facility, the First Baptist Church of Alexandria, each day prior to your dinner service. Deliveries are subject to availability and can be accommodated for a small fee ($25.00-$40.00) per delivery, within our delivery range. Dinners are prepared hot and packaged in reusable insulated containers to maintain the correct serving temperature. Containers to be returned to Hannah’s Catering following each day. 


We will be providing a 2 week rotational “Chef’s Choice” menu this year. Below is a sampling of menu options we will be providing. Please inquire for availability and to build menus.

Breakfast (choice of one option per day)

  • Yogurt cup, muffin, & fruit .

  • Egg bite, mini croissants, season fresh fruit.

  • Breakfast Burritos w. Fruit cups.

  • Sausage biscuits w. Yogurt or fruit cup.

Lunch (choice of one option per day)
  • Ham sandwich, banana, chips, & cookie.

  • Chicken salad sandwich, grapes, chips, & cookie.

  • Turkey sandwich, fruit cup, chips, & brownie.

  • Club sandwich (ham turkey & bacon), celery sticks w. ranch, chips & cookie.

  • Ham sandwich, orange/apple, chips, & cookie.

  • Turkey sandwich, fruit cup, chips & brownie.

  • Italian Sandwich, carrots sticks w. ranch, chips, & cookie.

*Vegetarian chef's choice available for each meal.*

Dinner (choice of one option per day)

  • Chicken & rice casserole,  chef’s choice vegetable, & roll.

  • Spaghetti w. meat sauce, chef’s choice vegetable, & roll.

  • Chicken stew w. biscuits &  chef’s choice vegetable.

  • Baked ziti, chef’s choice vegetable, & sliced bread.

  • Grilled chicken, rice, chefs choice vegetable & roll.

  • Ravioli w. marinara, broccoli casserole, & roll.

  • Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes & roasted carrots & roll.

Contact us for vegetarian meal options and other dietary preferences.


Reserve the dates you are hosting as soon as possible to ensure availability. Final meal counts are due 72 hours before your delivery. Preferred payment is by check and due upon delivery of your first order.


Hannah’s Catering Company is a woman-owned, small business operating in Northern VA since 2001. Melissa (“Moo”) Williams, Owner & Chef, grew up in Springfield and graduated from John R. Lewis High School (formerly Lee High School).

Over the past eight years, Hannah’s Catering has proudly served partnering organizations of the local Hypothermia Prevention Program.

Hannah's Catering holds a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) permit and adheres to all VDH & CDC mandatory requirements, recommendations, and best practices for food safety. Our kitchen is inspected and certified under the COVID-19 response guidelines.

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